Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giving & Recieving

This is the time of the year when all of us think about giving and receiving. Although I firmly believe it is better to give then to receive, many people are the recipients of gifts they least expect.

Giving comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes it’s financial sometimes it is something of material or tangible goods. The most favorite time is when a child opens a wrapped present presumably left by Santa under a tree in their warm comfortable home. This isn’t always the case for many individuals. There are a tremendous number of people who are homeless, sitting in hospitals or simply just don’t have the means to purchase necessities to have a better quality of life. This group includes people who can’t afford hearing aids or eyeglasses, not to disregard people who need other items such as clothes, food, wheelchairs, walkers or even prosthesis.

When it comes to receiving gifts, I have found the best gifts I continue to receive are letters or phone calls to say thank you for making a difference in a person’s life. Giving the gift of hearing by donating hearing aids or having someone fit with a new pair of eye glasses. It’s touching & rewarding when you know a child can hear their parents or fit in socially with friends. It’s also wonderful when grandparents who have reached the golden age and are losing their hearing are able to have conversations due to a gift of hearing aids. Not to forget all men, women & children who benefit from gifts of necessities which will help them in every facet of life especially work & social activities.

As you this question, what is important to you if you were in dire straits and didn’t have the tools needed to function in society. What becomes important to you at this juncture?

Ask yourself “What have I given of myself to make the world and my home a better place”. Do the materialistic goods create a life enhancing experience to the receiver which will greatly impact the quality of life? Have you recently sorted through your old clothes or other items from your home or business and donated it to a worthy cause?

It is time to take inventory of every area of our lives, discarding items that simply collect dust. It is time to clean house!

I close this note knowing I have done my part to share, give and receive in many ways where there is someone whose life has been impacted. Bring on the New Year with new beginnings!!!