Monday, May 23, 2011

Sight & Sound Update


What a great start for The Foundation For Sight & Sound this year! Just like the weather so many things keep changing, especially sunshine and warm smiles on the faces of individuals through the work we do.

Through our lead program, Help America Hear, we have fit over 160 men, women & children since January 2009 with hearing aids. Please check out the testimonials and how it has changed

The success of this program has been made possible by the many Hearing Health Care Professionals, our Manufacturer partner GN ReSound and of course YOU the Donor.

Your support of our Events helps us continue providing hearing aids to individuals in need. Please check out each of our upcoming events listed below or by going to Perhaps you or someone you know will attend, sponsor or simply make a contribution.

I personally thank you in advance for all the support you provide.

With heartfelt thanks,
Mitchel Shapiro
Foundation For Sight & Sound


Monday, June 6th Brewmaster Golf Classic at the Omni Interlockin Resorts. Broomfield Colorado **there is still room for more golfers!

Tuesday, June 7th Taste of Elegance Beer & Chefs Competition, Omni Interlockin Resorts, Broomfield Colorado

Saturday, June 11th Over the Edge H. Lee Denison Building Hauppauge NY **Mitch is Rappelling down a 12 Story building!! Sponsor this endeavor

Monday, July 25th 2nd Annual Golf Classic Sands Point Golf Club, Sands Point NY

Thursday, August 24th Family & Friends Summer Bash Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury NY

Please forward this to your friends, family and business associates!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sights & Sounds!

I admit it’s been quite some time since I’ve put anything on the blog. There is so much to do in the fundraising world, adding to facebook, LinkedIn, doing events etc., the blog just simply slipped my mind!

The Foundation For Sight & Sound has been quite busy lately with several fundraising events as well as Hearing Aid Missions. We are scheduled to fit 12 men, women & children in Pueblo Colorado on June 8th and 20 At Montefirore Hospital in the Bronx NY . by the time we finish the missions we will have fit over 180 men, women & children with hearing aids.

The Foundation is grateful to our manufacturer GN ReSound which provides us with high quality hearing aids for the Help America Hear Program.

This is a wonderful accomplishment as the Help America Hear Program was initiated in January 2009. We receive on average 5-10 requests a day for applications. As the program has grown we introduced Tier 2 for the gross household income bracket up to $35,000.

The Foundation for Sight & Sound is also providing our first library with an Inductive Loop System which will allow hearing aid & cochlear implant users to participate in a more efficient manner during many of the seminars and workshops held at the library.

Also of interest we are part of the Usher III Research Initiative. We are helping to raise funds for this sight & hearing stealing disease.

We at the foundation are excited with all these developments and hope you will find it in your heart to participate with us in our journey to make a true difference in the quality of life for individuals with vision and/or hearing challenges..

I promise to write a bit more on the blog!