Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Blogging Cureent Thoughts

Hello To YOU!

I have no idea about blogging, what it is, what to write or even why we have one!

From what I understand you write what’s on your mind, events of the moment, about life, work & relationship, even nonsense. So… we go!

Let’s start by talking about attitude, a positive energized attitude. We all have a tendency to focus on something negative. As it’s been said negativity produces negative results. When you take a negative situation, turning it into a solution action taking positive experience you’ll have a clearer vision with an enjoyable outcome. Trust me, it’s about putting your energy into what we have not what we don’t’ have. Sure it sounds easy, but with some effort on your part and believing in the better good of it all you’ll see the results over time.

On my recent trip to Italy & Munich Germany as difficult as it is with a vision challenge, it was a thrill to be in a place so romantic and traveled by many people. I have discovered over the years how people react and respond based on how you deal with your own challenges. It’s not that I revel in a spotlight but simply it’s great to notice how many people are willing to go out of their way to make sure you have every opportunity of enjoyment as they do.

Part of my problem is my corny sense of humor which in most cases some folks don’t know what to make of me! My personal kick is making people feel more comfortable around me with an attitude of “Hey, I’m no different then you are, just need a little support” and being a power of example that I can do anything I choose to do.

Okay, so I was not able to neither see the beautiful fresco’s on the church walls or the many splendid colors on the buildings nor take in the details of statues so what? Luckily, my significant other gladly describes things to me. You also learn to utilize your other senses like smelling the aromas of food and nature, listing to the guides or sounds around you, tasting the epicurean delights or simply touching surfaces of structures and statues.

Well now here is the flip side of it all…..listening to all the obnoxious sounds of car horns or motor scooter engines (it’s great if you have a hearing aid or cochlear since you can shut it off), smelling the unwanted scents (ugh!) or, sorry folks, touching something you wish you hadn’t (yucky). Regardless, there are many ways to enjoying everything life has to offer, it’s simply up to you, how you choose to make the best despite having a vision or hearing challenge, and of course your attitude.

I’ve said before, this is simply an opinion and thought process of my own. You can agree or disagree, life offers many choices. Ask yourself from time to time, good/bad, happiness/sadness, health/sickness or positive/negative. It’s all about staying positive in my mind.

About the Foundation for Sight & Sound, the Help America Hear Program has become a success of its own. We have had many inquiries from around the country for hearing aids and have to date fitted 4 people. We are thrilled to give the ‘Gift of Hearing” to individuals who fall through the cracks. Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.

This summer if you haven’t already started in the past, I strongly recommend wearing sunglasses to protect your precious vision. As for your hearing, it’s not only how loud you play your music or the loud noises from fireworks and machinery but the length of time you subject yourself to them.

Okay, I’ve done enough babbling. Until next time………..