Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, here we are, it’s the end of October with so much happening! On October 20th I literally went Over The Edge for charity rappelling down the side of a 6 story building in Garden City, LI, NY.

What an AWESOME experience it was. I must say I’d have loved to do it a few more times that is how much fun the experience was. There are many lessons to be learned from this experience.

Fear is top of the list. Many of us face an assortment of fears such as getting on a plane, heights, driving a car and simply just going about the day. Why is it we possess a fear of doing things? . Here is what I consider a key point to overcoming this obstacle. You must challenge yourself to do everything and anything, providing of course its safe, focus on something other then what it is your fear is. It’s also important to trust yourself permission to make it easy.

I realize it’s all words I’m speaking but once you put these simple things into action over and over it will start to work for you. as I’ve learned, Choose to Choose. What will your choice be?

Another factor is excuses. What is yours? Many people, in my opinion, make excuses why they can’t do something or anything. There is no point in listing those excuses. What I will simply say……”Get Over It!” I spend more time looking for adventure & challenge to keep busy and active as I continue my journey through life. I am by no means perfect, but I don’t make excuses for the things that will stop me from improving the quality of life! So folks, simply take action on the positive alternatives instead of hindering yourself from what will be the best outcome for much more fulfillment.

The last item I’d like to mention in this blog is Trust. It’s not always so easy in this department. When I got to the rooftop of that 6 story building, getting hooked up to a series of ropes and other safety devices, I still had to trust the instructors. The individuals who are educated and trained with rappelling, the people I had to take a risk and trust my life with. Of course our everyday lives come with a series of circumstances where we either trust someone or we don’t for its various reasons.

Once you get out of your comfort some, learn to trust yourself to make the right choices & take a few calculated risks I personally feel and have experienced being rappelled to a higher choice of outcome.

Okay folks…as Nestle Ice Tea cliché always said…”.Take the Plunge!” Rappelling off a 6 story building may not be your kind of activity, there are other ways to rappel yourself to a better quality of life by making life enhancing choices, taking risks, giving yourself permission to do whatever it is your choose to do and most of all maintain a positive attitude.