Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Your Excuse?

What’s Your Excuse?

It's true, believe it or not! For many, the tendency to procrastinate is overwhelming. Why? Sometimes it’s lack of motivation, depression, laziness, fear of making mistakes or blaming someone or something for why we can't move forward. Many individuals find reasons to put blame on circumstances or people, instead of taking responsibility for the issue at hand. Here is an example. If something goes wrong while using a computer, it becomes the computers fault, when in reality, it's the user who makes the mistake most of the time but refuses to take responsibility or to take the time to investigate what the problem may have been. Typically, the user is in control of all actions. The end result is frustration and quitting. This scenario is relevant to most situations.. Allowing oneself to be victimized by circumstances rather than taking control, limits the individual to the land of excuses.

The first step in overcoming most obstacles is changing our mindset to one that is positive. Extracting all negative thoughts, believing in yourself, taking the approach of CAN DO rather than can’t do. Let’s face it folks, people with or without disabiliteies have a hard time getting started! It’s like a baby taking it’s first step, putting one foot in front of the other, the baby may fall and cry, but gets back up and does it all over again. Challenge yourself to take small steps, allow yourself to work through the task both mentally and physically. The key is to know your abilities and what you are truly capable of.

Sometimes we take things in life for granted, expecting something or someone to take care of it. Ask yourself, what is it that you would like to accomplish today? What steps will you take to achieve the goal? Put it down on paper, it helps make the goal real. Set a time line, challenge yourself. Do & say, I will accomplish the task at hand. I guarantee you will find it worthwhile. Focus on what is, rather then what isn’t. Blank out all the internal chatter or mental garbage which blocks out all the good ideas. A clear vision allows a person to move forward.

Ok, so it sounds easy on paper. It takes a drive within yourself, a strong desire to feel a sense of accomplishment, the determination to be all you can be and the expectation of a world without limits. It’s important to remember you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Ok,yes, perhaps there are limitations at times, but ask yourself what it is you’d like to do and set a plan of action to and get around the limitations. Find the tools necessary to tackle the project. Get started on it and don't make excuses. If your excuse is, I have a disability and I'm not independent, then it’s a simple question back to you. What are you doing about it? Its about choices. Do you have abilities or a disability!

Finally, I know many accomplished people who just happen to have a disability. They've set their eye on a goal, pushed themselves to the limit and then went one step beyond! The choice is yours. It all starts with you! Find a way, Don’t Make Excuses!

Respectfully submitted
Mitchel Shapiro

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help America Hear Day of Giving Montefiore Hearing Aid Mission

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Help America Hear Day of Giving Montefiore Hearing Aid Mission

On Saturday, July 23, 2011 the Foundation for Sight and Sound's Help America Hear program held it’s 3rd “Day of Giving” Hearing Aid Mission at Montefiore Hospital, Bonx NY. This year 12 men, women & children were recipients of two hearing aids each.

From Amanda, age 7, to a young college student and not to forget a few elderly folks who also choose to participate more independently in society. Amanda has progressed in her school wrork and socially since receiving her first hearing aid in last year’s mission. Courteney will be able to function better in college , not just in hearing and comprehending the professors, but with interaction with fellow students.

It’s truly an amazing feeling when you can provide someone with the ability to hear the sounds which surround all of us each day. Many of our recipients have trouble talking on the phone and have to raise the volume of their TV’s and radio’s. Having a conversation can be difficult as the person speaking usually talks louder which comes across to the hard of hearing person as being angry. Each individual at our Day of Giving has expressed their unwavering gratitude upon receiving their new hearing aids. To many of these individuals there is a true understanding of the value of this gift.

The mission was made possible in part from grants received from the Bronx Rotary Club, CVS and Hearing Loss Association of America, Manhatten Chapter. It’s because of organizations like these, we are able to provide the " Gift of Sound” to many people who lack the financial resources to obtain hearing aids on their own.

The mission was spearheaded by Help America Hear Co-founder Dave Carr, a third generation hearing instruments specialist, with assistance from
Laura Tocci, Au.D. Director of Audiology, Speech, and Voice at Montefiore Hospital and the staff of McGuires Hearing & Audiolgical services. The Staff included Mike Taveniere, Frieda Toback, Joanna Coleman, Mary Bohr, Michael Burke and last but not least Nikol Leitner from Montefiore.

Once again, several members of the Bronx Rotary were there to lend support and speak with the hearing aid recipients. The delegation was lead by Miguel Santiago, a big supporter of the Help America Hear Program. Bronx Rotary President Debby Appel, Rotarians Ed Hicks & Ann Ward were on hand to witness the process.

Also in attendance was Eric Charland, Regional Sales Manager for our hearing aid manufactuerer GN ReSound. This is Eric’s first Help America Hear “Day of Giving” Mission and here is what he has to say; “I had the pleasure of being at the most recent Help America Hear mission at Montefiore Hospital on July 23rd. It was an amazing experience. One of the favorite parts about my job is being able to help people that have hearing loss reconnect to their world. To be able to do this for people who are also less fortunate and cannot afford hearing aids makes it much more special. I admire what Mitch and Foundation for Sight and Sound do for these people and look forward to continuing to support this amazing program” –

Of course we can’t leave out the folks at Foundation For Sight & Sound who help make things possible, Mitch, Vivian, volunteers Donna (who took pictures), Leslie & our video producer and videographer, Joani & Dennis.

Yes, a lot of people involved, all giving up their day to provide their services to help people who fall through the cracks and can’t afford a device which can give them a better quality of life. ... you give what you can to make the world a better place.

Respectfully submitted

Mitchel Shapiro