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Another Person's Perspective

Another Person's Perspective

this was written by Adreinne Levy who participated at the June 8th Pueblo Day of Giving in Pueblo Colorado. Overall what she has to say mirrors what i wrote lsat week. Thanks so much for this testimonial on behalf of the Foundation for Sight and sound.

Foundation for Sight and Sound Mission
June 8, 2010 Pueblo CO

This past Wednesday, June 8, 2010 was an especially gratifying and satisfying work day in my position as Consumer Outreach Audiologist. I had the opportunity to participate in the Foundation for Sight and Sound’s Mission in Pueblo, CO. The Foundation, founded in 2009 by Mitch Shapiro,, is designed to provide vision or hearing help for those in need. In Mitch’s words “the Foundation is there to assist those who fall through the cracks.” Those in need are identified by area physicians, local groups or churches. SCENTA physician Dr. (find name) and local dispenser, Roxann Murphy donated their services, time and office space. They were both honored by a Proclamation presented by Pueblo’s Mayor and a City Councilman who were also in attendance. To make the event a success, GNReSound donated the hearing aids, earmolds, and the Consumer Outreach Audiologist: me!
Although every recipient was grateful and excited to receive new hearing aids, three recipients stood out in terms of the significance of the gift of restored hearing. One recipient, a 13 year old girl, had a moderate unilateral loss with normal hearing in the other ear. Her parents spoke freely of their high expectations for her scholastically and the frustration with her varied performance in school. They mentioned her missing critical information and how hard it was for her to hear the teacher when the teacher’s back was turned toward the board and away from the class. Likewise at home there was additional tension because sometimes the girl would respond appropriately, and at other times not be aware of what was going on. When the Live 7 BTE hearing aid was turned on her face lit up and she just kept saying “I can hear better.” Prior to being referred to the Foundation, the parents were trying to figure out how to save for a hearing aid, and how long that might take them. A big difference was made in her and her family’s life: reduced stress at home; greater happiness, and more consistent performance in school are just some of the improvements she will experience with her new aid and better hearing.
The second person that stood out was a young man with severe-profound congenital familial hearing loss who was wearing 15 year old analog mini BTE aids (too weak) with yellowed earmolds. He also has the benefit of an assistance dog. It was a treat to program the SPARX aids and provide much needed gain. We conversed easily in more normal conversational tones which was an instant change from his old aids. His whole body relaxed and he sat back in his chair and smiled.
The third person was a woman with both reduced vision and reduced hearing. Her husband has reduced visual acuity as well so that makes for a trying situation. She simply wants to be able to participate in conversation with family and friends and to hear her audio books better. The Live 7 BTEs that she was fit with will allow her to do that.
The event was well organized with myself and another person fitting and fine-tuning the hearing aids. After being fit, the recipient then worked with a second volunteer to learn how to insert the hearing aids, change the battery and the usual daily maintenance tasks. Follow up visits were made for each person.
I was impressed with the dedication of all the volunteers and was proud to represent GN ReSound. I fully acknowledge our generosity in terms of the donated aids: except for the SPARSX wearer, I fit Live 7 series and that will make for very satisfied recipients !

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